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On a ketogenic diet it’s called

“hitting the wall”

It’s where so many people find themselves after starting any kind of new diet. And it’s where Thomas — now a world renowned keto expert, with a large social media following — found himself not too long ago…

Years of successfully practicing the keto diet and teaching others to do the same have made Thomas one of the leading voices when it comes to burning fat.

You can find his informative videos (which have millions of views) all over the web (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) and he’s been featured in top magazines all over the country.

But he wasn’t always as trim and lean as he is today.

Thomas wasn’t even thirty yet and he was already packing on some unwanted LBS.

He exercised but was still struggling with his weight.

That’s when Thomas decided to completely shake things up and start a Keto diet!

It’s time to change the way you think about

“healthy eating”…

Thomas quickly understood the BIG benefits of adopting a ketogenic diet…

You’ve probably heard of them yourself…
By cutting back on carbs and opting for fat as a fuel you can enjoy:

weight loss

Numerous studies have shown a ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss[1,2], particularly around the midsection (belly fat is a BIG driver of chronic inflammation).[3]


Research suggests that ketosis can help reduce triglyceride measures[4], lower blood sugar[5] and even improve levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol.[6]


A ketogenic diet may enhance memory[7] & potentially provide therapeutic support for neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s & autism.[8]

People tend to feel YOUTHFUL and ENERGIZED when they’re doing ketosis the right way!
But most people don’t get to enjoy the benefits of ketosis for long… There’s a problem that sabotages most people’s progress.

A dangerous keto mistake Thomas saw everyone making… and quickly realized was the reason so many people plateau!

Too many Omega 6s

This popular fat knocks you out of balance and in the process brings fat loss to a halt, increases your risk of heart problems and wreaks havoc on your brain, liver and skin!

It’s in everything! You’re probably eating too much and don’t even know it!

How many of these common “keto foods” do you eat regularly?[23]

Conventional meat


Canned fish

Cashew nuts


Many of these initially seem like great options for ketosis.

But in actual fact, they are ALL SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER IN OMEGA 6 FATTY ACIDS compared to Omega 3s - making them some of the biggest culprits when it comes to driving up levels of unhealthy inflammation and lessening your body’s ability to burn fat for fuel.

Here’s why you should be worried…

No Balance = No Lasting Results.

Millions of people eat too much of the wrong fat! Odds are you’re one of them.

Omega 6s are important for your health but they need to be balanced out by heart healthy, metabolism boosting Omega 3s.

Experts agree that between 4:1 and 1:1 (of Omega 6 to Omega 3 intake) is ideal, but most people in the modern world get a ratio of 17:1 from there diet! [22] The result?

Inflammation runs WILD throughout your body, and can cause you to “hit the wall” (plateau)!

Inflammation caused by too many omega 6s…
  • Makes fat loss a near impossible feat
  • Wreaks havoc on your body
  • Is linked with nearly every chronic disease known to man

It’s no wonder so many people run into the same problem when they’re trying to burn off unwanted fat.

The scales are completely tipped against your success.

You can’t be healthy, let alone burn fat unless you restore your balance every day.

Thankfully, that’s where Thomas has found a solution that doesn’t involve ingesting MASSIVE amounts of disgusting fish oil.
Thomas knew that balance on any diet (especially keto) is critical to your success.

Eating too much of the wrong fat is the biggest, most destructive keto mistake that people make. The problem is Omega 6s are in nearly every food that contains fat, while Omega 3s that your body can actually absorb are in very few foods.

So he designed a solution that solves this problem, as well as two other problems people burning fat and losing weight experience: brain fog and loose skin!

Thomas designed…



An easy way to get the omega 3s your body needs, while also getting 2 other powerful keto nutrients in the process!

It’s a protocol that he teamed up with us here at Purathrive to make and is successfully being used by thousands of people right now.

"I designed "KETO BALANCE" because I saw way too many people making the same mistakes and not getting the results they wanted. I always look at the science andthe data, and the data shows that most people are out of "Balance."'

- Thomas DeLauer, World Renowned Keto Expert and Researcher

Why KETO BALANCE is a game-changing source of Omega 3s that’s so different from anything else…
Beyond Omega 3s…

KETO BALANCE contains 3 important keto nutrients that help you (on any diet) avoid plateaus [13], protect brain health [20], support your liver [30] and boost your skin’s natural healing process.[37]

It’s not just clean Omega 3s you can trust…

KETO BALANCE is a trinity of healthy nutrition that your body will need if you want to avoid frustration and failure on your journey.

#1 Omega 3s
#2 MCT Oil
#3 Collagen
#1 Omega 3s To Restore Balance

KETO BALANCE contains DHA Omega 3s sourced from Algae - the new gold standard for clean, heavy metal free Omega 3s.

One of the biggest reasons Thomas included DHA Omega 3s in the KETO BALANCE mix was to help you maintain an optimized Omega-6:3 balance every day.

As you now know, it’s the missing link when it comes to…

  • keeping down inflammation
  • avoiding plateaus
  • and seeing results long term

But you can’t trust just any Omega 3 supplement to be clean, free of toxins, and to contain the kind of Omega 3s that your body craves.


KETO BALANCE does exactly that.

It doesn’t have any of the problems that fish oil and these other mass produced Omega 3 supplements have.

KETO BALANCE goes beyond fish oil…

It’s an easy drink that…

  • It’s an easy drink that…
  • Contains clean, plant-based Omega 3s you can trust
  • Absorbs better
  • Stays fresh longer

You Get LONG-TERM fat burning Support With Clean Algal DHA

Algal DHA is a clean, long-chain, plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid you can trust.

This type of Omega 3 has been linked to a whole host of health benefits:

Heart Health [18]

Brain function [20]

Joint health [19]

Weight loss [36]

And most importantly…

The DHA in KETO BALANCE keeps inflammation at bay! [21]

In fact, results from a recent study suggest that if you’re on keto specifically, DHA can take ketosis (fat burning) to a whole new level because of exactly this reason.

When they need Omega 3s, so many people turn to problematic fish oil first.

Especially people on keto and it’s a huge mistake.

Why not just use fish oil as your source for DHA?


Fish oil has a tendency to go rancid (fishy burps are an easy indicator). The cognitive benefits of DHA are reversed in rancid fish oil, and may be a driving cause of Alzheimer's disease.[25]


Fish oil & algal DHA have the same bioavailability - meaning you don’t miss out on a thing. And we’ve combined ours with Micelle Liposomal Delivery for DHA that’s essentially in a pre-digested form - taking absorption to the next level![26]


Mercury concentrations in oceans have tripled in recent years, so heavy metal contamination in most fish oil is a real concern. 84% of fish have been declared unfit for human consumption.[24]



has all the benefits of fish oil with none of the problems…

  • No contributing to the overfishing of the ocean
  • No risk of mercury poison
  • No bad taste or fishy burps

Fishy burps are never fun...

As you see above, rancid fish oil (and the subsequent fishy burps) can have some serious health implications.

That’s why the DHA in KETO BALANCE is deodorized and deoxidized, then encapsulated in our patented delivery technology.

This scientific process preserves the Omega-3s and prevents any spoiling or oxidation. It also makes KETO BALANCE taste way better!

But being a clean source of DHA is just one benefit of this trinity of health boosting nutrients.

It’s why no other Omega 3 supplement can compete.

KETO BALANCE also provides your body with 2 more secret weapons that can help you finally look and feel the way you’ve been wanting to.

#2 - MCTs To Fuel Your Brain

KETO BALANCE also delivers another healthy fat often missing from your diet: MCTs

Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCTs) are an ultra nutritious form of saturated fat.

But they’re often missing from the “standard western diet”.

With KETO BALANCE, you can enjoy feeling balanced from the get-go:

We combined energizing MCTs (a staple of any keto diet) from sustainable coconuts with metabolic boosting Omega-3s from sustainable algae.

Then we skyrocketed the absorption of these fat sources with our unique Micelle Liposome Delivery.

What does this mean?

For those enjoying a keto diet, more fuel is readily available in the early stages of ketosis, meaning your body doesn't have to work as hard to adapt.

The phase where you metabolism transitions from burning carbs to burning fat can be much smoother, and it may even mean you can avoid brain fog, cravings and low energy altogether!

MCT oil does more than just support ketosis


MCTs go straight to the liver for conversion to ketones. So you can get into ketosis fast, with less work for your digestive system (and a potential boost in gut health).[10]


MCT’s have increased energy expenditure and fat burning[13], which could explain why they’ve also been linked to enhanced weight loss (particularly around the midsection).[14]


New research into MCTs has shown promising benefits for improving your brain and memory function. MCTs have even been studied as a protective measure against Alzheimer’s. [34]


Unlike carbohydrates, MCT’s produce almost no waste byproducts, making them a very efficient fuel source. This may be why they reduce systemic inflammation so well.[12]


MCTs feel like your body is on fast-burning carbs without the side effects. It's no wonder studies show they support performance in moderate to high intensity exercise.[11]

Enjoy all these benefits while you burn fat!

Remember — you’ll start burning fat FAST with the protected MCTs in KETO BALANCE.

#3 - Clean Collagen for your skin

KETO BALANCE Continues the Fat Loss Support With Added Collagen

Collagen is the final piece of the trinity in KETO BALANCE.

Anyone on keto will tell you that in the first 2 - 3 months you end up losing a lot of weight fast. And when you lose weight really fast, your skin often doesn't have time to catch up.

In fact the worst part of losing weight is often realizing that your skin no longer is as tight as it used to be.
  • New wrinkles form
  • Your skin becomes loose
  • Dryness can occur

One of the biggest reasons people use Collagen is to improve the look and feel of their skin. [37]

Collagen is a protein that your body makes naturally. It keeps your skin tight. But as you get older, your body makes less and less each year.

It’s why the older you get, the harder time your skin has bouncing back from weight loss.

Taking Collagen is an effective way to restore your skin’s ability to tighten back up even as you age or lose weight! [37]

Beyond Youthful, Glowing Skin…

Collagen is used widely in the beauty and cosmetic industry (largely because of its anti-aging properties).

But that’s not the only reason it’s included it in KETO BALANCE. Clean, grass fed, beef Collagen is included in KETO BALANCE to make ketosis an even more enjoyable process for you.

Just some of the important functions Collagen contributes to include:

Glycine - the amino acid found in Collagen has been shown to help reduce inflammation. Our Collagen is derived from grass fed beef, which tends to have a higher Omega 3 count than standard sources.


Leaky gut is thought to be a big contributing factor towards a number of digestive issues and autoimmune conditions. Studies suggest that Collagen may play a key role in the health of the gut lining.


One concern people have when entering ketosis is that it may cause breakdown of connective tissue. Collagen has been shown on numerous occasions to be effective in preserving connective tissue

All of these benefits, while also enjoying youthful, beautiful skin again!

Beyond Fat Loss…

Supporting your body’s ability to stay balanced, burn fat and have beautiful skin is important but it’s surprisingly not the most impressive benefits of KETO BALANCE.

KETO BALANCE is also a 3 hit combo that supports your liver!

When it comes to burning fat and helping your skin bounce back, many people overlook one of the most important factors — liver health!

Your liver is the foundation of your health

You see, it's the liver that produces ketones in the first place (the things that help you burn fat for fuel) and detoxifies the body from harmful toxins and heavy metals (that can lead to dangerous inflammation). So ensuring the liver is running well is super important. That’s another reason Thomas was excited to craft this three-hit keto combo:


As we touched on earlier, MCTs bypass conventional digestion and are used directly by the liver to produce ketones. Animal studies have shown that they may actually protect the liver if the body is exposed to external.


The long chain fatty acid plays a key role in combating inflammation, and may also support liver function. A 2017 study showed that DHA supplementation was effective in the treatment of non-alcohol induced fatty liver disease.


Aside from its important role in preserving connective tissues and helping to keep inflammation at bay, Collagen has been shown in animal studies to support liver function, which could make ketosis more efficient.



The most convenient way to get highly effective DHA, MCTs and Collagen into your system every day is KETO BALANCE.

Why take multiple supplements when you can take one that tastes great and absorbs better than anything else on the market?


Did we mention…

KETO BALANCE is proven to be 20x more bioavailable than other supplements thanks to patented technology!
Patented Micelle Liposomal Delivery Supercharges Your Results

Thomas wanted to work with us here at PuraThrive because we make sure we only include the highest quality ingredients available.

And because of that, we make sure you absorb every morsel of the active nutrients possible.

We use our breakthrough Micelle Liposomal Delivery Technology to do just that.

It’s what we’re known for.

“Data shows that Liposomal Delivery is up to 20 times more bioavailable than conventional methods”

- Robert D. Milne M.D. [19]
Active-B Encapsulation



The MCTs, DHA & Collagen are encapsulated into tiny, nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped into liposomes - essentially healthy fat cells.




The protective liposomes SHIELD THE TINY MICELLES from the hostile environment and absorption barriers found in the human gut, keeping them safe and in-tact.



Micelle Liposomal Delivery

As the liposomes travel through the digestive system, they slowly peel away. The micelles are gradually released & eventually KETO Balance is DEPOSITED NEAR THE GUT LINING where it can be fully absorbed.

In short, this all means KETO BALANCE is efficient, and you get more bang for your buck.

We didn’t have to include massive quantities of MCTs, DHA and Collagen in KETO BALANCE in the hope that you’ll absorb some. Instead, we were able to include safe, targeted amounts - because we know that you’ll be able to absorb exactly what you need.

This patented delivery system is another reason Thomas decided to join forces with us to bring you his one-of-a-kind formula!

How much does KETO BALANCE cost?

Replace any one of the supplements you’ve just seen and KETO BALANCE will pay for itself (+ you’ll cut down on grocery bills)!

Buying all of the nutrients in KETO BALANCE would cost over $100.

And honestly, with all of the benefits that come along with KETO BALANCE $100/bottle would actually be a steal.

But KETO BALANCE doesn’t cost even half of that.

Scroll down to see for yourself.

That’s not to mention how much you’ll save on your next grocery bill!

Sure, it’s also important to eat foods that are high in Omega 3s, like wild caught salmon, sardines and macadamia nuts. But these foods are expensive to buy regularly.

With its highly potent DHA and unique delivery technology, KETO BALANCE could be a viable, cost effective way of cutting back on expensive foods while still supporting your diet.

Naturally boost your energy for less than what you’d pay for a cup of coffee.

With all of its benefits KETO BALANCE costs just over $1.50/day.

Which is incredible when you remember all the benefits KETO BALANCE has.

Is Not Just For Weight Loss.

Supporting your body’s ability to burn fat is just one piece of the puzzle.

Remember… KETO BALANCE contains core nutrients that can also…

  • Support liver health
  • Manage inflammation
  • Boost elasticity in skin
  • Improve digestion
  • Protect memory & brain function
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reinforce joint strength & mobility
  • Increase energy
  • Encourage better heart health
  • Restore Omega 6:3 balance
So whether you’re on keto or not, whether you’re trying to burn fat or not, your body will still benefit from ingesting the 3 core nutrients in KETO BALANCE daily.

But if you are on a ketogenic diet or you want to start burning fat for fuel, this will supercharge your results!

Normally the 3 supplements in KETO BALANCE would cost over $100 but today you can order this 3 hit combo for as little as $36/bottle on select bundle packs.

Scroll down, order a bottle and start experiencing the same results people like Thomas enjoy everyday for yourself.

You are going to love this formula. We guarantee it.

Get our new book
“Living the Keto Life: What You Need To Know”
when you order 3 bottles or more!

And to make this even more of a no-brainer, when you commit to enjoying KETO BALANCE long term today (by purchasing a 3 or 6 month supply) we’re throwing in a powerful guide to ketosis to help you even more on your journey.

It’s filled with tips and lessons to help you start a ketogenic diet and succeed at one long term. If you’re on a keto diet or thinking of switching to one, this resource is going to be invaluable to you. Enjoy!


  • The Benefits of Keto
  • What can you eat on Keto
  • Keto Recipes
  • When it’s okay to have a cheat meal
  • And much, much, more!

A $39 value absolutely free with the purchase of a bundle pack!

Avoid plateaus, liver problems and loose skin with the same protocol that is helping thousands of people see real results every day.
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P.S. This is an incredibly rare product. When high-quality keto friendly supplements are released to the public, they disappear fast! If you want a bottle, then you need to act quickly. Don’t end up on the waiting list like so many others!

Unlike most supplements, KETO BALANCE isn’t mass produced and shipped in from overseas. We only make small batches in the U.S.A. so we can ensure quality in every bottle. Grab a bottle of this special trinity of keto superfoods while you still can!

Restore balance to your body and give your skin, metabolism, liver and brain a powerful boost every morning for less than what a cup of coffee costs.

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Losing the weight and feeling great!

"I absolutely love it! I put it in my morning coffee and I totally feel the mental boost. My energy has been amazing and I’ve been dropping the weight I wanted. Thanks!"


Ketosis got easier!

"Great product, love the Vegan Omegas 3’s. It’s making staying in Ketosis way easier and I’m feeling sharp and energized. Tasty stuff too!"


I’ll buy again

"This stuff works. I think it’s helping me kick the sugar cravings, I haven’t reached for after dinner carbs since I’ve been taking it!"

Ashley B