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An Urgent Message: If you’re suffering from backache, fatigue, muscle weakness, frequent illness, or low mood, read on to learn what you can do about it.

Signs of Dangerous Vitamin D Deficiency

(And What You Can Do About It)

Vitamin D deficiency is a silent epidemic.

The vast majority of the population is deficient[1], and there’s reason to believe it underlies a wide range of major health challenges.[2]

Are You Deficient?

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you or a loved one are already being affected in some way by vitamin D deficiency.

Signs of Dangerous Vitamin D Deficiency

If you often feel achy, tired, sick, or “blue,” your body may be crying out for vitamin D.

Some experts estimate that as high as 90% of the American population are vitamin D deficient, and even more conservative sources place the number above 50%.[3] Here are some symptoms to watch out for.[4]

Chronic Pain and Cramps
Skin Problems
Skin Problems
Feeling 'Blue'
Feeling “Blue”
Aching or Weak Bones
Aching or Weak Bones
Sweaty Head
Sweaty Head
Fatigue or Weakness
Fatigue or Weakness
Frequent Illness
Frequent Illness

The odds are stacked against you when it comes to avoiding vitamin D deficiency, simply because there are so many factors that put you at risk. If you fall into any of the following categories, you’re even more likely to be vitamin D deficient. [5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14]

sings of vitamin D deficiency

Why Vitamin D Deficiency Is So Dangerous

Why Vitamin D Deficiency Is So Dangerous

The symptoms listed above are just the tip of the iceberg—a landmark study conducted by the world’s top vitamin D researchers demonstrated that deficiency in this critical vitamin raises your risk of developing serious health conditions.[15]

This is because vitamin D is absolutely invaluable for ensuring the body works properly.

It’s so essential that every cell in your body has a receptor for it. Your body needs vitamin D to maintain cellular integrity, so vitamin D deficiency jeopardizes the functioning of nearly all your body’s major systems.

Why Vitamin D Deficiency Is So Dangerous

The medical establishment used to think that vitamin D was only useful for regulating the level of calcium in the blood and keeping bones strong. While this is one of its many roles, we now know that there’s way more than just bone health at stake.

Vitamin D deficiency can wreak havoc on all of the following:

  • Bone and muscle health
  • Cognitive function
  • Respiratory function
  • Immune function
  • Hearing and vision
  • Digestion
  • Blood pressure and circulation
  • Metabolism
  • Pancreatic function
  • Heart health
  • Sleep patterns
  • Mood and emotional balance
  • Reproductive system

Feeling Down?

Feeling Down Feeling Down

If you consistently feel unmotivated, sad, and low, vitamin D may be able to offer you dramatic benefits. Researchers have discovered that people with low vitamin D levels (especially those over the age of 40) very often suffer from mood imbalance.[17]

Health experts are shocked that “no international health organization or governmental body has declared a health emergency to warn the public about the urgent need” of maintaining optimal blood levels of vitamin D.[16]

But you’ll never see vitamin D get nearly the coverage it deserves from mainstream medicine...mostly because it’s not a prescription drug. If you could take full control of your health simply by combatting a vitamin deficiency, how would Big Pharma make any money?

This is the secret they don’t want you to know: optimizing your vitamin D levels could be one of the most important health steps you’ve ever taken.

Why Are We So Deficient?

Why Are We So Deficient

The situation may sound dire, but remember: if you’re deficient in vitamin D, it’s not your fault.

We live in a stressful, polluted, and nutrient-depleted world. Our stores are filled with foods that have been stripped of their vitamin content by sterile and mechanized production processes. Worst of all, we’re taught to be afraid of the sun (a primary source of vitamin D), and told to slather chemicals on our skin for “protection.”

Why Are We So Deficient

Getting outside and soaking up the sun’s rays is only the beginning of the solution, though. And if you live any further north than Atlanta, Georgia, you’re out of luck...your body just won’t be able to manufacture vitamin D from sunlight most months of the year.

And don’t think those “fortified foods” will save you either. They contain woefully small quantities of vitamin D, usually in an inferior, hard-to-absorb form.

Luckily, there’s a better way...

PuraThrive™ Liposomal D3 with K2

Proven to Be Up to 20 TIMES More Absorbable Than Standard Formulations [18]

Studies have demonstrated that, with proper absorption, vitamin D supplementation can dramatically raise blood serum levels.

PuraTHRIVE’s advanced, ultra-pure formula helps to ensure that you get the Vitamin D you need to combat aches and pains, ward off sickness, feel happy and energized, and support every cell in your body.

PuraThrive-Liposomal PuraThrive-Liposomal
  • Cutting-edge liposomal formulation for MAXIMUM absorption
  • Includes the most powerful form of vitamin K, the “key” to vitamin D effectiveness
  • Made with lanolin-derived D3 (cholecalciferol)
Dr. John Whitcomb

Stop Letting Vitamin D Deficiency Hold You Back!

Dr. John Whitcomb of the Aurora Sinai Medical Center states that “vitamin D is the number one public health advance in medicine in the last twenty years.”

Optimal Levels of Vitamin D3...

Help Protect Brain Cells Help Protect Brain Cells
Help Protect Brain Cells

Vitamin D3 helps support brain health and reduces the buildup of beta amyloid plaque—two of the greatest contributing factors to brain fog, memory loss, and other signs of cognitive decline. It’s no surprise then that one prominent study found a definitive correlation between low D3 levels and cognitive decline among older adults.[19]

Promote Disease Resistance Promote Disease Resistance
Promotes Good Health

Vitamin D3 helps your body ward off illness on every level. It functions as a powerful antioxidant, helps control irritation, exhibits antiviral properties19, and even affects the way your immune system functions on a genetic level, so that it can always function at its best.[21]

Ensure Healthy Cellular Function Ensure Healthy Cellular Function
Ensure Healthy Cellular Function

By promoting the healthy growth and differentiation of cells, and by aiding the self-destruction of mutated cells, vitamin D3 ensures that all the cells in your body can function in balance. Studies have shown that it promotes healthy cell differentiation in many parts of the body, including the breasts, pancreas, lungs, ovaries, prostate, and skin.[22]

Enhance Detoxification Enhance Detoxification
Enhance Detoxification

Vitamin D3 supports your body’s natural detoxification[23]. It promotes greater energy and vitality, as well as radiantly healthy skin[24].

Helps Support the Heart Helps Support the Heart
Helps Support Heart Health

Even your heart has vitamin D receptors, and research has shown that high levels of vitamin D help keep it strong and healthy. A large cohort study demonstrated that those with low vitamin D levels are significantly more likely to have heart challenges.[25]

Aids DNA Repair and Other Metabolic Processes Aids DNA Repair and Other Metabolic Processes
Aids DNA Repair and Other Metabolic Processes

Vitamin D3 even “switches on” up to 291 genes that control metabolic processes throughout the body. According to one study, this allows vitamin D3 to support the immune system, aid with DNA repair, and even ease the process of aging.[26]

Say Goodbye to Backache

Say Goodbye to Backache Say Goodbye to Backache

If you suffer from backache — whether mild, moderate, or severe — relief may come as easily as raising your vitamin D levels. Studies have shown that the lower your vitamin D levels, the more likely you are to have backache.[27]

WARNING: You’re Not Getting the Vitamin D Benefits You Deserve (Even If You’re Already Supplementing)

If you currently supplement with vitamins on a regular basis[14], maybe you’ve noticed your pee is bright yellow.

There’s a reason.

It’s because your body is not able to absorb the vitamins you ingested so it just... pees them out.

That means the supplement you’re taking is going right through you, failing to deliver any of the benefits you were looking forward to. Why?

Because these fragile nutrients have to pass through a harsh digestion process. Remember, your stomach alone digests food using hydrochloric acid. It disintegrates the vitamin right there in your belly.

And even if some D3 makes it through to your intestine, it has no effect unless it’s absorbed into your bloodstream.

The end result? You’re left with a tiny trace of the vitamin making it through to your bloodstream.

You’re Literally Flushing Your Money (And Your Hope) Down the Toilet...

Fortunately, here at PuraThrive, we’ve developed a solution. It’s derived from nature itself.

And we believe it’s a game-changer for anybody who wants the FULL effects and complete benefits of any vitamin.

I’m talking about the power of liposomal technology...

Why Vitamin D Deficiency Is So Dangerous

We surround our D3 with liposomes. Liposomes are a "sciencey" word for a layer of fat very similar to your own cell walls.

The liposomes surround and protect the D3 from the acid in your stomach.

They allow the D3 to pass safely through your digestive system fully intact. Protecting and shuttling the nutrients into your intestines, then bloodstream and then finally your cells – totally unharmed. Amazing isn’t it?

Now you know you’re getting the FULL DOSE. And you can FEEL it too! The increased energy, the alertness and the peace of mind are bulletproofing your body for the future.

BEWARE: Other Vitamin D Supplements Aren’t Worth Your Hard-Earned Money

Warning: Don’t take Vitamin D Without Vitamin K

Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7

Getting adequate amounts of vitamin D and vitamin K is essential for your health. But what you also NEED to know is that taking Vitamin D without vitamin K could actually be harmful to your Health!

Vitamins D and K Work as a Team

When it comes to calcium metabolism, vitamins D and K work together. Both play important roles.

Here’s the secret: vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 are a match made in heaven.

Vitamin D gets calcium into your blood and Vitamin K sends it to the bones!

Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7

The PROBLEM with taking vitamin D alone is that it does not fully control where the calcium in your body ends up. That’s where vitamin K steps in...Vitamin K regulates calcium in your body by pushing the calcium to your bones where it is needed!

When vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 work in synergy, the inherent benefits of both are dramatically enhanced. Research has shown that consuming vitamin D3 actually increases your body’s demand for vitamin K – so it’s essential to take these two vitamins together.[28]
Why Vitamin K2 is the 'Key' That Unlocks Vitamin D’s Benefits
Why Vitamin K2 is the 'Key' That Unlocks Vitamin D’s Benefits
Is Vitamin D Harmful Without Vitamin K?

When there is no K2 to activate the proteins that send calcium to the bones, the calcium settles in our soft tissues. This is associated with vascular calcification and kidney stones. In fact, Vitamin K2 is proving to be very beneficial in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and kidney stones.[29][30]

Scientists used to believe that calcification was an irreversible and inevitable result of aging—but now we know that vitamin K2 offers potent protection. Research has demonstrated that it’s the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification ever discovered.[31]

Bottom Line: Taking K2 with Vitamin D allows calcium to bind with your bones (where it’s needed) and routes calcium away from your heart, kidney and arteries (where it can cause calcification and serious problems).

But You Must Take the Right Form of Vitamin K2

There are many forms of vitamin K2—MK-4, MK-7, MK-8, and MK-9—but all of them are not created equal.

MK-7 is by far the most bioactive, absorbable, and effective form of vitamin K2. MK-7 has a significantly longer half-life, which allows much more time for it to be absorbed and work its magic.

You Must Take the Right Form of Vitamin K2

And we’ve taken steps to make it even more effective.

Purathrive’s formula features an exclusive, patented form of MK-7 with unprecedented bioavailability and efficacy. It’s clinically proven to activate the proteins necessary for maintaining optimal bone health and heart health.[32]

A three-year, breakthrough study demonstrated that this patented form of MK-7, combined with vitamin D3, supported bone health in post-menopausal women, while increasing bone mineral density.[33]

Bones demonstration

A double-blind, randomized clinical trial conducted with the same study group found that this patented form of MK-7 is remarkably effective at reducing age-related stiffening of arteries and increasing vascular elasticity.[34]

Arteries demonstration

This uniquely effective blend of vitamin D3 and MK-7 is available exclusively from Purathrive.

Purathrive Liposomal Vitamin D3 with MK7 The Most Potent, Bioavailable Form of Vitamin D Available

There simply isn’t another product available that combines optimal-quality vitamin D3 with clinically validated vitamin MK7 and liposomal technology. Try it today, and you’ll feel the difference.

Product Features PuraTHRIVE™ Others
Rigorously Tested YES NO
Unique, Patent-Pending Liposome Manufacturing Process YES NO
FDA-Registered Facility YES ·
Cholecalciferol most potent form of Vitamin D3 YES ·
MK7 most potent form of Vitamin K2 YES ·

Directions & Ingredients

Take 8 pumps of PuraTHRIVE D3 + K2 daily or as directed. Enjoy straight, drop into a small glass of water or mix into an 8 oz. glass of juice. Can also be added to your favorite smoothie blend.
Gently shake before using.


Just Look How Much Our Customers Love It...


“I used to feel tired and weak all the time, no matter how much sleep I got. Nothing seemed to help, until I had my vitamin D levels tested and started using this product. I finally have all the energy I need to get through the day, and I couldn’t be happier about it!”

Dana S, Chicago, IL *


“After taking this vitamin D for four months, my mood has improved dramatically. I’ve struggled with low mood for a long time (sadness, anxiety, mood swings), but I’m already having fewer episodes and feeling lighter than I have in years.”

Erica B, Tampa, FL *


“My skin is so much clearer and healthier since I started taking this vitamin D with MK-7. It used to be splotchy and dry, and I hated how it looked and felt. My doctor said I should check for vitamin D deficiency, and I found this product soon after. It’s great to have such healthy skin again...thank you!”

Veronica R, San Diego, CA *


“I tried this product when I was sick of being sick all the time. It seemed like I’d catch every illness, on the plane, in the classroom where I teach, from friends and family members. It was like I was sick more often than I was healthy and normal. Little did I know that I was very deficient in vitamin D, because now my immune system feels great and I haven’t gotten sick in almost 9 months.”

Nancy C, Woodbridge, VA *


“Purathrive’s product helped me get rid of the constant discomfort and tiredness I was always experiencing. I still get tired after a long day or if I haven’t slept that much, but now it’s normal tiredness. I wake up feeling rested and great, and my joints just don’t hurt like they used to. Even my old back injury doesn’t flare up nearly as often. Definitely going to keep using this vitamin D!”

Raquel C, Provo, UT *

*These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program. Testimonials on this site came from real customers who were not paid for their statements.

Unleash the Healthiest, Most Vibrant Version of You

The wide-reaching benefits of vitamin D simply can’t be overstated.

The ravages of vitamin D deficiency affect a staggering number of people...but you don’t have to be a statistic in this silent epidemic any longer. You can break free, and experience what it’s like to have your body working just as it should.

old people

Imagine saying goodbye to all those aches and pains that are holding you back.

young man

Picture leaving the “blues” behind, happily leaping out of bed every morning.

woman and child

Think about having all the energy and strength you need to enjoy your favorite activities and spend time with your loved ones.

Sincerely, what would all that be worth to you?

At PuraTHRIVE™ we're dedicated to bringing together premium quality nutrients and offering them via our unique delivery system. No one else is doing this. Yet we don’t want to price out the people who need our supplements the most.

That’s why we’ve made it super-affordable to FEEL the difference today.

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Demand for Liposomal Vitamin D3 is incredibly high right now. Our original stock is gone and we are currently making fresh bottles for every customer. Because of this, your order will take longer to be delivered.

First come, first served is our process, so order now to make sure your shipment is prioritized. Thank you for your trust and patience.

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The PuraThrive™ TRIPLE
180-Day Money Back Guarantee

moneu bacl guarantee moneu bacl guarantee

At PuraThrive™ our guarantee is simple. You MUST be satisfied in 3 different ways or you don’t pay a penny.

  1. If you’re not thrilled with the way PuraThrive™ D3 with MK7 makes you FEEL... even on just your first taste... you’re entitled to a full refund...
  2. If you’re not certain that PuraThrive™ D3 with MK7 is head and shoulders above any other D3 supplement you may have tried... you’re entitled to a full refund... and...
  3. If you’re not blown away by the increase in energy, the clearer thinking, the positive mood that washes over you like a warm shower... you too are entitled to a full refund.

At PuraTHRIVE™ we’re dedicated to bringing premium quality nutrients in our unique delivery system. No one else is doing this. Yet we don’t want to price out the people who need our supplements the most.

That’s why we’ve made it super-affordable to FEEL the difference today.

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Demand for Liposomal Vitamin D3 is incredibly high right now. Our original stock is gone and we are currently making fresh bottles for every customer. Because of this, your order will take longer to be delivered.

First come, first served is our process, so order now to make sure your shipment is prioritized. Thank you for your trust and patience.

1 x Bottle
1 bottle
$49.95 + shipping
$39.95 per bottle
cards guarantees
3 x Bottles
3 bottles
$149.85 + shipping
$34.95 per bottle
cards guarantees
6 x Bottles
6 bottles
$239.70 + shipping
$29.95 per bottle
cards guarantees


[18] Robert D. Milne, M.D., PC, Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (Henderson, NV): Life's Fountain Books, 2004, 85.

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